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What is The Vampire Circus? It is an adrenaline-filled, sophisticated show. 

It’s a spirited journey through an abandoned cemetery where an extraordinary circus comes back to life. Populated by a motley collection of off-the-wall characters and incomparable acrobats, The Vampire Cirque is a visual vortex set in a twisted acrobatic fantasy universe where, little by little, chaos and craziness give way to a celebration.


The Magic of Christmas will come to live at Santa's Circus extravaganza with a sparkling show. Enjoy a 90-minute presentation of spectacular Christmas themed circus production with more than 20 performers. From breathtaking stunts to amazing skills, take a trip through magic, illusions, comedy and most important  - Family un!  Our beautiful Christmas celebration features glittering costumes, gorgeous Christmas songs. Its is a show that everyone will enjoy.


Hard Rock Circus daring aerialists, gravity-defying balancers, powerful strongmen, extreme stunts and an array of edgy awe-inspiring acts are accompanied by a mind-blowing Rock band that will delight your ears and bring this show to an experience where you see, feel, sends and hear what is happening in front and above the audience. Hard Rock Circus blends an international cast of astonishing performers who transform a carnival into a rock party that’s moving and catapults the artists into to perform impossible feats mayhem and uncontrollable show that never stops..


SOGNO pushes the imagination of childhood fantasy dreams of the circus. International acrobats are part of the world of SOGNO, who are determined to wake up the imagination of the youngest child to the adult who never gives up on dreaming.


This imaginative fantasy show is exquisitely by acrobatics performances.  The Book of Dreams Is a thoughtful story that will prompt discussions about creativity, insecurity, and gaining control of your fears.

The Book f Dreams Offers an essential lesson in how skills like kindness, wisdom, and quick thinking are valuable complements to one's bravery in reaching your goals. In the end, Luna encourages the audience to follow your dreams.

the book of dreams

Deep within the dark forest where screams can not be heard, camps the Circus of Terror where the freaks and creatures of the night loom around every corner of the old cemetery. Once inside his big top, you are but a rat in his twisted mind, trying to scratch your way out while not getting consumed by the darkness around you.

Welcome to Bloodynes Carnyville, where the freaks call home. Venture deep into the Bloodypines forest and see where the carnys live, both the living and undead. Be careful as you find your way through though. Some carnys are not thrilled about inviting outsiders into their compound, while others will greet you with open arms....and teeth.


Glow in the Dark cirque show Tilled with breathtaking acts and a marvelous mix of traditional circus acts with modern acrobatics. like LED spinning wheel,, LED wire walker, Floating Ladder balance, glow hoops,LED drummers, bouncing juggler Glow balls, Bodies full of strength, glowing with light make fabulous tumbling is intricately interwoven with jumps, Tlips and spins, spellbinding straps.

CIRQUE neon world
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